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WHO WE ARE has been helping business acquire SBA loans for over 15 years. After preparing hundreds of SBA loan applications and working with dozens of banks, we know the best way to create a compelling business case and pull together all required documentation in order to give you the best chance of successfully securing an SBA loan. We have a solid track record of developing loan packages that raises funds to help companies expand and grow their business.

We have access to over 1,200 SBA lending institutions and help companies in all 50 states. Member of the National Association of Guaranteed Lenders. Give us a call at (877) -222-1513 or contact us to learn more about how we can simplify the SBA loan process today!

Frank Scannavino

Certified SBA Loan Consultant / CPA Taxation
BS Accounting / MBA Accounting

Frank specializes in helping individuals & companies acquire SBA/Commercial Financing loans.His excellent documentation and financial presentation skills help him in creating professional bussiness plans that are targeted to loan officers, in order to dramatically increase the chances of success in acquiring an SBA loan.

Michael Alley
Vice President

Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur who has spent 10+ years in the residential mortgage industry. In 2007, Mr. Alley shifted his focus to the commercial market and has joined Mr. Scannavino in helping individuals acquire financing for their business. His wealth of knowledge and systematic approach is a huge asset when navigating through today's financial landscape to find the right loan for IMG Fundings clients.

Sandra Bessoir
Finance Manager

Sandy has 27 years experience in banking and in all various types of financing, including sales/operations/marketing/compliance. She prides herself in knowing products and guidelines, and getting to know the client and the individual. She started from sellling to the general public, to selling products to other bankers/brokers in the tri-state area. Ms. Bessoir has worked in wholesale lending fifteen years with Wells Fargo Bank (including their affililiates) and for E-Trade Financial. She has SBA and Commercial lending experience, and has worked with INA in their bonding of limited partnerships with investors.

Marie Scannavino
Loan Packaging Consultant

Marie has 26 years experience as a Finance Manager in a corporate environment. Ms. Scannavino has an eye for detail and has created a simplified system for gathering documents & information needed to package your loan.

Lisa Scannavino
Loan Packaging Manager

Lisa has 20 years experience working in all accounting systems. AP/AR/Credit/Collections/Cash Management. She is a detail oriented, efficient and organized professional with excellent written & verbal communication skills. As your Loan Packaging Manager, Ms. Scannavino will ensure the timely and accurate packaging of your loan,verify documents, and review file documentation to make sure all items needed are requested and submitted for approval.

H Clifford Moy
Certified SBA Loan Consultant

H. Clifford Moy is a Certified Small Business Administration Loan Consultant (CSBAC). As a finance and business management professional, Mr. Moy’s background includes over 20 years of experience with responsibilities encompassing all facets of financial administration, business controls, profitability and project management.



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