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In most cases banks won't help you put together all of the paper work needed for an SBA loan. Indeed, because they typically charge you for processing your application and there is no guarantee of winning a loan, there is a direct conflict of interest with banks charging you to put together your documentation AND for processing your application. Plus, they will often try talk you out of a government guaranteed SBA loan in favor of their own proprietary products.
In short, if you go directly to the bank, you are pretty much on your own
Executive Summary
Business Profile
Product / Service Description
Business and Personal Financial Statements Detailed Marketing Plan
Financial projections
Loan repayment plan
This represents a significant amount of time and effort to pull everything together. In addition, submitting a SBA loan application with missing information or in a non-professional format will cause most loan officers to reject your application. Fortunately, there is help available.



Applying for a Small Business Administration Loan is much like preparing taxes. As business owner, you know that understanding all of the complex rules and regulations is a time-consuming task and your time can be better spent running your business.
Fortunately, just as there are tax specialists, there are expert loan packaging experts who can increase the chances of you winning an SBA loan.


EasySBAFunds specializes in preparing SBA Loan packages for businesses.

Our SBA Loan Packaging Service includes

Assigning an Expert and Dedicated Loan Specialist who is available to answer any of your questions throughout the SBA loan process Verifying that required SBA forms are complete and accurate
Ensuring that the Information supplied is in compliance with SBA guidelinesCreating a professional and comprehensive Business Plan that is tailored to speak to loan officersapproval process
Saving time and money in preparing your loan documentation Increasing your chances of winning your SBA loan

Give us a call or contact us to learn more about how we can save you money and increase your chances at winning an SBA loan.


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